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Lee's Welding Inc. now located in Murdock, Nebraska, was founded in 2003 by Lee and Jodie Husk. Lee, a portable Rig Welding Contractor, and a 3rd Generation Welder, has been in the field for over 18 years. They began with one truck and a welder repairing irrigation systems and utility pipelines. Due to high quality standards, Lee's Welding Inc. has been on a growth course for the past 5 years, working hard to build and maintain an outstanding reputation in the community and surrounding states.

Lee's Welding is a leader in certified welding, will test welders for any application, and has the ability to write procedures in house for tough welding situations. Lee's has developed a particular expertise in the unique certified welding requirements of utility piping, fast turnaround plant shutdowns, and emergency repairs. Recognizing that diversification is important to maintain sales growth, the company has begun to go after additional niche markets where few competitors exist and higher customer service and quality is demanded.

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Our certified welders have a great history of doing first class work with a sense of pride and integrity.

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